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Custom Closets

You can organize everything in our closets, from clothing to athletic equipment to food products and everything in your home or business. You now have more options, tools, and organizing tips than ever before, but many of us still need help with closets. Custom Closets can provide you with tools specifically made for your needs. And while organizers don’t add space to a closet, they maximize what you already have so you can store as much stuff as possible.

Coastline Cabinetry is a custom closet company that has been in business for years. We provide a wide range of closet solutions that are modified to meet your unique requirements. So whether you need a straightforward closet organizer or a whole walk-in closet, we can assist you in designing the ideal storage solution for your house. Get in touch immediately to learn more about our custom closet solutions.

The Types of Custom Closets for your Home

Here are the different types of custom closets.

Walk-in Closets

Despite their widespread use, walk-in closets are still a luxury for most individuals. But with the appropriate layout, even a modest closet can become a walk-in. This design includes different organizational elements, like drawers, shelves, cabinets, and more. In addition, its adaptability and simplicity of usage make it popular.

Walk-In With Extras

A walk-in model with additions is frequently the best option for more enormous closets. This design utilizes the space in the middle of the floor by including an island or changing area. A dresser, vanity, folding table, or specially-made storage for particular objects can all be considered islands.

Reach-In Closets

The closets are often smaller and less profound than walk-ins. Reach-in closets are seen in smaller bedrooms and halls. However, they are not required to hang things on a single rod.

Stand-Alone Closets

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Although not a standard closet, stand-alone closets add storage space in spaces where you don’t have a closet or need more storage. The most common types are armor and wardrobes. These often have doors that conceal a hanging area and drawers. These often take the place of a dresser and create lovely bedroom furniture.

Simple Storage

You only require a few extras for a more simple closet. A few shelves (one top and one bottom), one or two hanging rods (which may be wrap-around rods to take advantage of corners), and potentially modest accessory storage integrated into the door are typical features of this style. It is also perfect for small closets.

To accommodate what you wish to store, you can customize every organizational element of your closet. In addition, different styles can be combined by putting a wardrobe within a walk-in closet.


A pantry closet is the last item on our list. We utilize this style of the cupboard to keep food rather than suits. Here is a picture of our custom home’s gorgeous walk-in pantry. In a pantry closet, you may store your items, including culinary components, cutlery, and bottles. It’s straightforward to make a mess in your kitchen; all it takes is one cooking session to notice the chaos. This walk-in pantry organizes your kitchenware to make cooking much more straightforward.

Linen Closet

A linen closet is a fantastic option if you only need garment storage or have limited space. You can create a linen closet in just about any place due to its compact size (even smaller than a full-size reach-in closet), which doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home but still helps you stay organized. It is ideal for little places because you may also have it there.

The Benefits of Custom Closets

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Do you dislike searching through your closet each morning to find the top or sweater you want to wear? Getting ready each morning takes much longer than you’d like since your closet could have a better layout and organization. The solution to these problems while improving the aesthetics of a place may be modern bespoke closets. Custom closets have many advantages you may or may not be aware of if you want a conveniently organized and clean house. These closets are worth the investment to make the most of your available space, easily organize your possessions, and display your style and personality.

Efficient Use of Space

Generic closets will only provide something above the bare minimum if you choose them. You’ll be fortunate to receive more than a single rod and one or two shelves most of the time. It makes using the closet space in a practical manner rather challenging. Due to how the closets are built up, a large portion of the available space might not even be used.

Every square inch of the space can be utilized as you wish when you pick custom closets. Do you possess a closet with an odd nook or corner? That can be accommodated by the closet’s components so that it fits precisely and maximizes space. You can fill the area with shelves, drawers, and cabinets rather than having just one rod and a blank space underneath. If you have a functional closet for your room, it can accommodate more goods. Even your wardrobe and belongings will spread out to give you more space to consider your possibilities.

Specialized Storage Options

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Most of the storage space in typical closets is for hanging clothes. While hanging everything is acceptable, many people have objects that should be kept differently. You can design a bespoke closet to provide wardrobe-friendly storage alternatives. It might consist of shelves, hanging rods, drawers, shoe racks, and accessory storage.

You obtain the required space rather than being forced to use the storage the builder installed. Think about storing shoes as an example. The typical person owns about 20 pairs, making storing them in an everyday wardrobe difficult. This process is more challenging if you have more than the average amount. A custom closet can include spaces for shoes, hats, belts, ties, and other accessories.

Proper Clothing and Accessory Protection

The appropriate storage makes it easy to have clothes that last, which everyone desires. Every object should have a safe space to avoid harm, like tearing and stretching. Adding drawers will aid in hiding and protecting goods, so they are shielded from light and dust. You can fold sweaters and other items that can warp if you hang them on a custom closet.

But it goes further than that. You can add drawers to a custom closet to prevent the loss of tiny accessories. Your prized accessories can avoid creases and wrinkles by being stored hanging. You can have cubbies to keep shoes organized and to guarantee that pairs stay together rather than leaving them on the floor.

Better Options for Organization

Does it take a while to locate everything you want and need to start your day? Everything can have a designated spot in a custom closet where you know you can locate it every morning. Spreading out your clothing is made possible by having extra storage and different types of storage. Everything becomes congested and challenging to discover when everything is on one or two poles. You can also add lights to your custom closet to ensure everything is visible.

Decisions Regarding the Design

Nothing stands out in a rectangle closet with a shelf and a door, but personalized closets can be as beautiful and valuable. If you are familiar with wood cabinets, you may discover the same options for those with custom closets to transform a place visually. The finishes you wish to choose are up to you; they can be anything from light to dark wood to something clean and contemporary with a light coat of paint.

Additionally, you’ll discover a wide variety of drawer pulls and hanging rods. These will be in a range of metals and finishes. With custom closets, you may design the area however you choose, making it either blend in with the decor of your bedroom or stick out. Custom closets are an excellent option for a touch of elegance and luxury.

High-Quality Materials Made to Last

The fact that custom closets employ the best materials possible to make the space last longer is one of the most outstanding distinctions between them and generic closets. It holds for every component inside as well; there’s no need to select wire shelves made of soft materials that are susceptible to breaking or bending.

When you spend money on high-quality custom closets, you can be confident that your room will remain conveniently organized and look great for years. There is no need to worry about the drawers breaking, the shelves getting ruined, or mechanical problems developing. These closets also frequently include warranties, protecting you if something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Custom Closets Worth the Price?

Yes. Compared to other closets, a custom closet can increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it. For example, a vacant spare room might feel like an additional bedroom with the addition of a custom closet, raising the value of the house.

What is the Best Material for Custom Closets?

Melamine and wood are the two ideal materials for building custom closets because of their toughness, adaptability, and attractiveness.

How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

Our solutions are made to fit your unique requirements and budget while meeting your needs. As a result, we can create a system that is unique to you.

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A well-planned closet is a self-investment that will improve your hectic lifestyle with organization, practicality, and beauty. The custom cabinet artisans at Coastline Cabinetry are masters of wood and wood finishes, and they are built to last for many years. Schedule a consultation to create the closet design of your dreams!

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